Dr.Finlay's Casebook the Callander Doctor.

Callander achieved prominence during the 1960s as the setting "Tannochbrae" in the TV series Dr Finlay's Casebook.


Dr. Finlay is a fictional character, the hero of a series of stories by Scottish author A. J. Cronin. The stories were used as the basis for the long-running BBC television programme, Dr. Finlay's Casebook, screened from 1962 to 1971, and radio series (1970-1978).

Based on Cronin's novella entitled Country Doctor, the storylines centered on Dr. Finlay's general medical practice in the fictional Scottish town of Tannochbrae during the late 1920s.

The main characters were Dr. Finlay, a junior partner in the practice, played by Bill Simpson, Dr. Cameron, the craggy senior partner, played by Andrew Cruickshank, and Janet, their unflappable housekeeper and receptionist at Arden House, played by Barbara Mullen.

Dr. Finlay returned to television with the ITV series, Doctor Finlay, which featured David Rintoul as Dr. Finlay, Ian Bannen as Dr. Cameron, and Annette Crosbie as Janet. It later aired in the U.S. on PBS' Masterpiece Theatre.