Callander Community Council, working for you to make a better Callander for everyone.


Callander had a Town Council with its own Provost and officials from 1866  under Perth County. Then in 1975 that changed with Callander from then on having a community council to look after local interests.

The Community Council meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at the Burgh Chambers which are located upstairs from the council offices and local libery. Meeting's are normaly held at 7.30pm.


Here is a list of members and contact information:

                             Chair;    Dr Richard Johnson

                                      31 Lagrannoch Drive

                                      Callander FK17 8DW


 Mr George Johnson                                 Mr Michael Luti

 35 Main Street                                      Churchfields

Callander FK17                                      Callander FK17 8AG


 Mr Brian Luti                                       Mrs Elma Macdonald

Willowbrae                                          10 Lagrannoch Way

Ancaster Road                                      Callander FK17 8DR

Callander FK17 8EL

 Mr Dan McKirgan                                  Mrs Catherine McNab

Myrtle Inn Cottage                                42 Camp Place

Stirling Road                                        Callander FK17 8DF

Callander FK17 8LE

 Mr Brian Newton                                  Mr Frank Park

Flat 2, 1 Tulipan Court                          The Lade Inn

Callander FK17 8AQ                               Kilmahog

                                                          Callander FK17 8HD

Mr Roger Watt                                             Mrs Patricia Millen

42 Venachar Avenue                                     Gartlands

Callander FK17 8JQ                                       151 Main Street